An effective organization directly impact the financial performance and helps companies to sustain in the global market. 
Organizations that are willing to consider the interests of their employees greatly increase the effectiveness of their organization.   


Over the mid-term, key measurements such as sales, profit and market share will improve sustainable.
Further, it helps you to weather difficult times. 
But most important on the other hand is that your employees remain loyal, committed and efficient even in stormy days and demonstrate a strong will to support you. 
They not jump boat.

Organizational effectiveness is more than just to meet the target. 
It is to reach the desired result by empowering people, allowing them to make mistakes, encourage them to stand up, and to work continuously on process improvements.  

"If you value the values of your employees it will help you to be ahead of global issues in your company."

Dr. Doris Dull
Head of convalori

About Dr. Doris Dull

'Companies should have values, like people do’ 

Apple CEO Tim Cook

‘Good values are
like a magnet
– they attract good people –’ 

John Wooden

‘It is not hard to make decisions
once you know what your values are’

 Roy E. Disney  

"The better your people are the more likely you will climb the career ladder." 

Kenneth Blanchard
       (American bestselling author)

About Ulrich Zischewski

"People are definitively the biggest asset in a company. There is no difference whether for example the products are cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as their employees."


"There is only one way to do an outstanding job to love what you are doing"

Steve Jobs

"The only person who behaves reasonably is my tailor. He measures me every time he meets me, while all the others always use the old standards in the opinion that they still fit today." 

George Bernhard Shaw 
(Irish Writer)