Value Assessment TOOL

Is a validated and academic proven questionnaire.

Key Features

Design. The questionnaire consists of two parts, which can be used independently from each other. Part I contains multiple organizational values. Part II consists of questions about work related behavior and attitude.

Structure. The number of organizational values are categorized in four dimensions such as Ethic and Moral, Open4Change, Performance, and Business Acumen.

Customized. The questionnaire is designed to be adaptable at any time to match with customer desirables.   

Language.  Currently the survey can be conducted in English and German. More languages can be added.     

Digitalization. The survey can be completed online. The result can be viewed online straight after completion.  

Group comparison. Group or regional comparison are possible. 

Assessment. Depending on the request, the rating will be done either one-dimensional or two-dimensional.

Your benefit

The truth. To see what is really going on in the organization. 

Conflict awareness. Enables you to see the full spectrum of Value-GAPs with an indication of possible conflicts.  

Prioritize. Organizational values that are strategically important or tactical. 

Leadership. To draw conclusion about the way how people are led. 

Organizational behaviour. To understand behaviour and attitude of people towards work and the organization. 

Individual Value Profiles. It helps you to understand, the desirables people have on a good place to work.  

Investment. It shows you in which fields you need to invest time and money.  

Culture Change. It gives you an indication about your current culture and which behavior needs to be changed to meet the future.

Costs. You pay a fix-price for the reports independent from the number participants.

The Analysis Tool can be used on all common systems, formats and devices.  

"People are definitively the biggest asset in a company. There is no difference whether for example the products are cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as their employees."


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Steve Jobs

"The only person who behaves reasonably is my tailor. He measures me every time he meets me, while all the others always use the old standards in the opinion that they still fit today."

George Bernhard Shaw
(Irish Writer)